What Are We Selling Under The Banner Of Ultimate Pinboards And White Boards

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What Are We Selling Under The Banner Of Ultimate Pinboards And White Boards

October 1, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Ultimate pin boards and white boards has been selling their quality products to the people of Australia for almost a decade. We have been into selling all kinds of boards which are used in residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We have not restricted our self to cater to one specific market or a sector but our motive is to cater all the sectors so we have a good market name. Our aim is to have a huge name in the market when somebody asks for boards.

To keep this thing in mind, we have introduced many products under the name of ultimate pin boards which satisfy all types of customers. 

The Shop:

Following are the products that we have been offering to our clients and customers.


  • White Boards:


White boards are common at every place. They are widely used in the educational sector. Be it a school, college, university or any other institute, they have been considering as the basic mode of transferring knowledge. We can also use them at offices and hospitals in conveying the message to the mass audience at one time.


  • Cork Boards:


Cork boards are basically a thin layer of sheet which has multiple purpose. We can use them on the floor as well as giving a finish look to the walls. We can paint them with different colours. Also, it is used as a base for making different kinds of frames.


  • Fabric Boards:


We can easily place many things on fabric board. There is another advantage of fabric board is that they can be customised in any shape and colour. It is easy to manage and maintain.


  • Acoustic Panels:


The task of acoustic panels is to protect the space from heavy sound waves. It helps in absorbing the sound waves. We can use them on walls.


  • Glass Boards:


Glass boards are used for securing the important documents and certificates. For example, a makeup artist has a degree in her field. She can put the degree on the wall protect with a glass board. It can easily be visible and read by the clients.


  • Interactive Boards:


These boards are used to let the people know about the latest and happening that are revolving in the office or educational institutes.


  • Mobile Boards:


These boards have a wheel and also have a stand. We can drag them anywhere we want. These mobile boards are very helpful. We can take them with us anywhere.


  • Student Board:


A painter or an artist need a board when he or she is going to learn art classes. We need to put board on our canvas or a sheet below. it makes drawing easy.

We give an option of customisation to all our customers. We make custom fabric boards also. Contact us for more details.